Daily Green Wrap-up 29.October, 2012

President Barack Obama has been near a Chevrolet Volt before, but he never got to drive one more than a few few. That changed recently when a Volt-driving friend came to the White House for a visit and let Obama take it for a spin on the grounds.
DONG Energy, E.On and Masdar just announced that their joint venture the London Array – soon to be the world’s largest offshore wind farm – switched on for the first time today! The wind farm, which started construction in March of 2011, is situated 12 miles off of the coasts of Kent and Essex in the Thames Estuary. It will be the the largest off-shore wind farm in the world when completed, and it will boast 175 wind turbines by the end of its first phase, which is projected to be at the end of the year.
…Serendipitously, I also ran into Philippe Cousteau — grandson of Jacques and founder of Earth Echo International, a non-profit dedicated to empowering youth on water issues — who mentioned he had just written a book for children. Naturally the TreeHugger team knew just what to do: Set up an interview with a five year old. Luckily, I had one at my disposal.
The notion of eating invasive species has gained traction among hunters, eaters, and chefs embedded in the food movement in recent years. Whether it’s iguanas in Florida, lionfish off the Atlantic coast, or plants that have long been considered weeds, ethical eaters, the thinking goes, can chow down in good conscience, secure in the knowledge that with every bite, they’re helping to remove an unwanted animal from the ecosystem.
  • GreenJoyment (Ally): Two invasive birds with one stone? I think so! This is a great interview with the author of “Eating Aliens.”
An emission-free passenger ferry that holds 1,500 people and about 1.3 miles of parking spaces will be operating between Denmark, Germany and Sweden within the next five years.
The ferry was designed by FutureShip, a subsidiary of GL Group, for shipping company Scandlines. It will run on a combination of solar PV power, fuel cells, batteries and wind power, according to Maritime Propulsion.
Decorating for the holidays is a pastime treasured by many, perhaps even most, of us, allowing us to celebrate fun-filled events like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in unique style both inside the house and out. Outdoor decorating, in particular, presents nearly unlimited possibilities for stylish holiday celebration. Get in the holiday spirit with these six upcycled holiday ideas for your backyard.
  • GreenJoyment (Ally): The Gluey Spider Web looks so easy! I’m definitely trying that one and passing the idea on to friends. I’m thinking the rustic lantern center piece would also be perfect for a country wedding.

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