Daily Green Wrap-Up 3.December, 2011

Moose have a range determined, “in part, by their fitness inside a certain band of seasonal temperatures. When these thermal bands shift upward, individual animals may migrate north and/or the overall moose population may decline. It is the nature of living things.
The area’s poor families, displaced to make room for a large housing development, are offered the chance to buy in to the new construction — if they can rustle up down-payments of 15,000 Turkish Liras (more than $8,000) each.
America’s military has been pushing the envelope of green technology in recent years, from hybrid HUMVEE and Jeep replacements to more fuel-efficient fighter jets to diesel helicopter turbines that pump out clean drinking water for the troops. Despite the current economic uncertainty facing the US (or, perhaps, because of it), the DOD has announced that it’s pushing ahead with a renewed commitment to boosting fuel efficiency today while developing alternative, renewable fuel sources for tomorrow.
If you’re trying to find small gift items for the holiday season, or just looking for an easier way to cut vampire energy, maybe check out the new Conserve Power Switch from Belkin. Selling for $6.99, the outlet insert does one big thing: it lets a homeowner control standby power at the plug and outlet level.
In a book-lined library on the fifth floor of New York’s exclusive Soho House, former U.S. Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore admitted to a group of game designers, ad-agency executives, and corporate innovation and design strategists that he is stuck on level 12 of “Angry Birds.”
Wood is a desirable construction material for many reasons including its low embodied energy. But, until recently, it has not been possible to build tall wooden structures because of the relative weakness of conventional wood stud construction methods. This is starting to change as a new method of fabricating wood panels, called cross-laminated timber, or CLT, is making “massive wood” construction a possibility for mid-rise construction, as well as for other construction uses.

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