Daily Green Wrap-up 31.August, 2012

Computer hackers have moved beyond the U.S. military to cyber attack another enemy: Big Oil.
Recently, hackers hit Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer, and disabled 30,000 of its workstations. A group of “hacktivists” calling themselves Cutting Sword of Justice released a statement on an online bulletin board the day the viral attack was released, taking credit for it.
A two-year partnership between Houston-based Phillips 66, California-based Solarmer Energy and the South China University of Technology (SCUT) has resulted in the most efficient polymer-based organic solar cell ever constructed. The cell features an efficiency rating of 9.31%, and it puts the team a good step further in introducing the technology to the market.
Today, Steinwald is doing just that as director of science education at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, where she has been charged with reimagining urban environmental education and revamping the venerable institution’s outreach programs for at-risk youth.
Trials of a prototype hydrogen fuel cell powered train designed by engineering students and staff at the University of Birmingham were successful, and may help lead the way for further support from the rail industry for hydrogen locomotives.
A new solar panel technology includes photovoltaic cells that could generate electricity during the day while at the same time producing hydrogen gas to power a fuel cell at night. The technology that makes this possible is two new types of nanocrystals that replace the traditional organic molecules in a solar panel’s construction.
Is it just me, or is Coca-Cola always hanging around – either leftover from a party, in the back of the fridge, in the corner of the garage, or just chilling in the pantry waiting for another barbecue and Aunt Sue who prefers it over any other drink. But now, maybe all that extra Coke is a good thing, because there’s more to the fizzy drink than you could ever imagine. In fact, even if you don’t drink it, it’s actually quite the handyman.


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