Daily Green Wrap-Up 4.February, 2012

There are few things we love more than making use of what would have ended up in a landfill. Mariclaro picks up the materials that they use for their ultra-durable carry-alls when they’ve already been used up by cars, bikes, and boats. When they aren’t worthy of the road or sea anymore, pieces get revamped into these awesome bags, made from 99% recycled materials.
This autumn, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden transformed the roof of its new Visitor Center into a wild meadow, complete with 40,000 plants. The 10,000 square foot space was put together in a month that included soil dispersal, planting and watering.
The importance of climate change education is, to the RealClimate community, a no-brainer. Numerous professional science organizations, from the American Chemical Society to the American Geophysical Union to the Geological Society of America have stressed the imperative of climate science being an integral part of science education.
While the adoption of electric cars is generally considered an important step for green transportation, many drivers are wary to buy a vehicle that might run out of power before a trip’s end. To eradicate this range anxiety, a team at Stanford has designed a system that allows electric car owners to charge their vehicles as they drive.
We haven’t heard much environmental news from actor-activist Leonardo DiCaprio lately. Remember the film The 11th Hour and Greenburg on Planet Green?
But now you can get your morning coffee fix celebrity-style with Leo’s fair trade, organic coffee that’s farmed in Haiti, Peru, Ethiopia, and Brazil: LYON, the new high-end line of “green” beans from coffee roaster La Colombe Torrefaction.
Ah, the day in which hearts are most associated is soon upon us. For those with significant others, the following are just a few alternative gift suggestions that may guide you away from standard diamonds and chocolates.

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