Daily Green Wrap-Up 4.November, 2011

Hyphae Design Laboratory is designing a new project that will transform the limousine storage lot at San Francisco’s Pier 27 into a year-round cruise terminal and local green hot spot.
Street artist Paul Curtis, better known as “Moose,” was having some difficulty with the police.You see, Moose doesn’t use spray paint or wallpaper paste — the usual tools of this trade. Instead, he wields scrub brushes, old socks, cleaning fluid, and, when he’s living large, a high-pressure hose.
This guy is a new type of graffiti artist: environmental tagging.
A look at 10 powerful men who have grown to become better people who in turn, better our lives.
While it is not exactly a green topic, the article after the jump definitely opens one’s eyes to the efforts of people to better the world.
The new bike-powered generators down at the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zucotti Park have been all the rage in the media (and with passersby) since they were built.But there’s also another interesting sustainability story going on, right next to the bike generators: Composting.
California may be leading the charge in the electric car movement right now, but the northeast is attempting to catch up. Officials from different transportation, energy and environmental departments from 10 northeast states and the District of Columbia are teaming up to create the Northeast Electric Vehicle Network.
…ocean conservation group Oceana sounded the alarm in a new report that points to gaps in the management of federal and state-level fisheries that have left important forage fish like Pacific sardines, hake, herring, market squid, and mackerel vulnerable to overharvesting.

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