Daily Green Wrap-Up 5.February, 2012

WikiCells are natural food membranes held together by electrostatic forces. They contain a liquid, foam or solid substance encased within an edible biodegradable shell, like an orange.
The purpose of the map is to help urban planners and policy makers understand what the lay of the land is- how energy is used and where things can be improved. Even a casual perusal of the map shows that the dominant energy use in most of the city, outside the highest energy consumption areas (like the Financial District), goes to heating. Nearly all of that, Modi says, comes from oil and natural gas.
A minor city is springing up in the middle of the eastern California desert, an hour’s drive from Las Vegas. A wastewater processing facility and a power plant will serve Ivanpah’s denizens — namely BrightSource’s 170,000 or so mirrors for concentrated solar power that are expected to generate enough power for 140,000 homes at peak generation.
You don’t really realise how much you rely on your appliances until one of them happens to break down. If your Westinghouse fridge was to stop working how would you cope without having somewhere to keep your food cold? One of the most important things you should do, in case you are to ever find yourself in such a situation, is to make sure that you contents insurance is kept up to date, that way your insurance can cover the cost of repairs or replacing the machine.
We hear a lot about how much energy modern day flat screen TV sets consume, but the innocuous set-top boxes that drive them, along with their built-in digital video recorders, may be even more to blame. A recent analysis conducted by the consulting firm Ecos on behalf of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) found that “the average new cable high-definition digital video recorder (HD-DVR) consumes more than half the energy of an average new refrigerator and more than an average new flat- panel television.”

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