Daily Green Wrap-Up 5.November, 2011

After a few months of regularly commuting on two wheels, I have come to a conclusion: two wheeled rides are awesome. That said, two-wheeled vehicles of all kinds are not without their drawbacks.
Something to look out for, this design features a simple but very powerful engine.
Since 2006, Italian based Cutting Up Knives has been hacking away – transforming all manner of knives from little meat cutting utensils into handsome mild mannered bottle openers.
If you’re coming into wintertime, do yourself a favor – wear a hat! Much in the same vein as Put On A Sweater, a hat will keep you warmer than you think it ought to.
Watching a 100-year-old house get knocked down might sound tragic, but it feels exhilarating. And it’s a reminder that the process of change is an act of creative destruction that appeals to our darker nature as well as our high-minded ideals.
It’s a quite a unique perspective and it really makes you think about the concept of going green.
With the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society gearing up for yet another confrontation down under with the Japanese whaling fleet, the amount of news being generated concerning this year’s “Whale Wars” is impressive.

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