Daily Green Wrap-Up 6.July, 2012

Standard photovoltaic cells only harvest energy from a single surface – the side facing the sun. Israeli startup bSolar has found a way to improve upon this unidirectional design with a double-sided solar cell that is able to produce up to 50% more energy.

Fifty years ago, the environment wasn’t at the top of most people’s agendas. Nuclear disarmament and women’s rights were more the topics of the day. But six people in Scotland accidentally found themselves living a cleaner, greener life. Out of work, they – three adults and three children – took a caravan and went to live in a remote fishing village on the Scottish coast.

One of America’s top science officials says the current onslaught of extreme weather in the U.S. is raising awareness of climate change among Americans.

Speaking at a university forum today in Australia, Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said Americans are increasingly connecting the dots between climate change and the severe heat, drought, wildfires, and storms hitting the country.

Five years ago, a photo changed my life. I was just a regular American, choosing double plastic bags at the grocery store, drinking bottled water, living on microwaveable meals and energy bars wrapped in plastic, and buying whatever I wanted whenever I wanted without ever considering how things were made or where they were going to end up. I gave money to Greenpeace, watched environmental documentaries, and had even worked briefly for Clean Water Action right after college, but my environmental actions did not extend to my personal choices.

KPMG, a global network of professional firms providing audit, tax and advisory services, released a new report, “Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition” showcasing some of the greatest urban infrastructure projects from around the world.

The report looks at 10 infrastructure categories. I looked at the most facinating projects in each category, after the jump.

I felt that it was time for a good best practice example again. Today I wanted to point you to some of the latest Unilever engagement: This time about how Unilever Teams Up With Facebook To Switch On Safe Water.

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