Daily Green Wrap-Up 6.June, 2012

Lulu’s is known for natural, organic foods made from local ingredients and packed in biodegradable packaging. Adding a green roof to their repertoire only seemed natural! Using a lightweight aluminum structure, Coscio installed a flat system of planters on Lulu’s roof.
What happens when you commit your life to making real change?
Ask Julio Solis, a sea turtle conservationist in Puerto San Carlos, Baja California, Mexico. In his youth, Julio poached sea turtles until a life-changing mentor shifted his perspective about his relationship with the ocean. Julio is now working to protect the sea turtles by running a nonprofit dedicated to preserving Magdalena Bayʼs natural resources, becoming a role model for his community and conservationists around the world.
The Cannon Beach Residence designed by Nathan Good Architects was meant, first and foremost, to be both durable and earth-friendly. The owners wanted a net-zero energy house. It just so happens that it turned out to be extremely beautiful as well.
This is a gorgeous infographic. Go look at it. Scroll through. Savor. Appreciate the design — but pay attention to the point.
The presentation is by C40, a group of 58 cities that work together to share information and best practices about addressing climate change.
If you have a sidewalk, cornstarch and natural food coloring, you have everything you need to entertain your kiddos outside for an entire afternoon. All of the ingredients are organic, so you don’t have to fret if your little one accidentally licks his fingers. And you’ll love that cleanup is a breeze – just grab the hose!
The Walt Disney Company has announced that by 2015 all of its networks, including The Disney Channel and Disney Junior, will stop advertising foods and beverages that “don’t meet [the company’s] nutrition guidelines.” It’s a surprising announcement considering Disney’s merchandise can be found in McDonald’s Happy Meals, but it is all part of the media giant’s efforts to tackle childhood obesity.

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