Daily Green Wrap-Up 6.November,2011

The bill aims to open a viable market for small, local farmers. The Local Farm, Food, and Jobs Act will work to support the production and distribution of high quality local foods for an industry crippled by a monopolizing factory farming system.
Engineering students at Makerere University in Uganda have completed and tested the country’s first electric vehicle. Named the Kiira EV, it’s two-seater electric vehicle with lithium-ion batteries and can travel at speeds up to 200km/hr.
Residents of yet another town are ditching plastic bags, as a ban on their use in stores in Southhampton, New York, takes effect today. The ban was passed in April with widespread support; the law’s violation carries a fine of up to $1,000.
Pedal-powered bicycles equipped with electrical power generators are now supplying electricity to protesters at Zuccotti Park, the home of the Occupy Wall Street movement – just in time for the area’s first major snow of the season!
Most electric vehicles don’t go quite as far on a single charge as a standard car goes on a tank of gas, yet – but that’s changing fast! New EV range records seem to be set every week, and a small start-up company from Bochum just upped the range ante again.
Which is more likely to signal that someone is a potential buyer of the Chevy Volt: a membership in the Sierra Club or owning the latest-model iPad? According to the people in charge of marketing the Volt, it’s gizmos over granola when it comes to their target buyer.

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