Daily Green Wrap-up 6.September, 2012

President Obama surprised and delighted climate activists by making a defense of climate action in his big convention speech on Thursday night.
Making sure a subway station is a pleasant place for passengers is already difficult. Being underground means that, like sewers, rats are regulars and the terrible smells (oh, the smells!) get trapped in the underground bunkers. To make sure these problems don’t proliferate, New York wants to cut back on trash in the subway. But they’re doing it in a counterintuitive way. And, so far it seems to be working.
Lots of people are looking for jobs these days, and if you’re interested in seeing just how many work hours you can pack into a week, then perhaps you should apply at Tesla Motors. The electric vehicle automaker is hiring like mad – CEO Elon Musk told us recently that “we’re at almost 3,000 people” – but they’re only looking for people who dislike having time off.
BlackLight’s new “Hydrino theory” process, which directly produces electric energy from the conversion of water vapor to a new, more stable form of hydrogen, has received validation from a leading group of energy and industry experts. The group has said that the company’s discovery “represents a fundamental breakthrough in clean energy technology”.
“[In] the first hald of 2012 Germany has installed just over 4.37 gigawatts of grid-tied solar power. Remarkably just about 1.8 GW of that happened in June alone (perhaps even more remarkable, this isn’t even a record amount for one month in Germany).”

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