Daily Green Wrap-Up 7.June, 2012

A new initiative by SunEdison will see the installation of distributed solar power plants around India, bringing electricity to areas that have never had it before. Through the program, called Eradication of Darkness, SunEdison will design, install and manage the solar power systems in remote villages across the country.
Those of you who have been around for a while know that I’m a big fan of appropriate technology: it’s hard to get more sustainable that using readily available materials to meet basic human needs. So when I came across Emily Cummins‘ variation on the zeer pot, a simple device that uses evaporative cooling to provide refrigeration, I thought “Hey, it’s time to do that zeer pot post.” There were plenty of variations on the rocket stove and chicken tractor, so that’s probably the case with pot-in-pot refrigerators, too… right?
The Green Urban Lunch Box is a 35-foot bus in Salt Lake City no longer making the rounds on the schoolbus circuit. Now, it has the much more exciting task of teaching kids and adults about the amazing scientific, agricultural and social aspects of growing food in urban environments. The bus keeps busy touring local community events and farmers’ markets, boasting a team that dishes all the dirt on gardening while handing out seeds as they go!
With hundreds of clips from shows like Planet Earth and Frozen Planet, stunning photographs, and behind the scenes interviews with the BBC Earth crew (who really do have one of the coolest jobs on earth), the creators of the app hope to bring the wonder of the natural world into our everyday lives by being a part of the social network we use most.
Most visitors to New York City crane their necks for a view of the city’s famous skyline, but locals know better: To get the best views, you have to go up. Here’s your chance to take a rare — and vivid — journey atop a few of the city’s billion square feet of rooftops.

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