Daily Green Wrap-Up 8.August, 2012

A little more in-depth than the recent EV 101 infographic, today’s image deals with electric vehicle purchases – where they’re doing relatively well (Norway), why they’re not selling like hotcakes (too expensive) – as well as items like how gas prices could affect those sales ($6 gas would boost the numbers? You don’t say). Then there’s this: “If this year’s EV sales projection is correct, that’s still only 0.45% of the 14 million cars to be sold in 2012.” That’s a harsh truth.
Monday, one of the largest oil refineries on the West Coast erupted in flames, causing a rather photogenic plume of smoke to engulf the bay area. The event quickly caught the attention of climate activists, who turned photos of the accident into an anti-fossil fuel meme.
Vegetarians and vegans won’t be surprised. GrubHub, the nation’s number-one food ordering service, recently analyzed the over 15,000 restaurants now in its database to find the cities that offer the highest percentage of vegetarian restaurants.
It’s telling that one of the fastest-growing fractures in a political party known for its ideological unity is being caused by wind power. Mitt Romney recently said that he’d let the industry’s production tax credit expire at the end of the year—a policy position that, on its face, squares well with the small government-questing GOP of the day—but a handful of conservatives balked.
Over the last two months, the price of corn has been climbing. On July 19th, it exceeded $8 per bushel for the first time, taking the world into a new food price terrain. With heat and drought still smothering the Corn Belt, we may well see more all-time highs in coming weeks as the extent of crop damage becomes clearer.
A self-described urban farmer, Coughlin raises fruits, vegetables, and chickens in her backyard in Lafayette, Calif.
Indeed, if the urban gardening movement had an advertising budget, Coughlin would be its ideal poster child, promoting homegrown kale and tomatoes as the secret ingredients for Olympic strength.

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