Eco-Friendly Enterprise: Three Businesses That’ll Make You Smile

It doesn’t take much research to unveil some of the devastating effects businesses can have on the environment. The EPA identifies (and works to be rid of/reduce) 187 harmful chemical pollutants that exist in the air alone that can cause adverse effects on us and our environment.

Although we contribute a lot of pollution into the air (unless of course, you walk everywhere and use only solar and wind energy without producing trash), the principal cause of environmental decay and toxic pollution is industrial: businesses that produce harmful byproducts en masse. While it’s easy to get lost in concern for the state of the environment, for every destructive business around, an environmentally conscious one seems to pop up! The more we, and future generations, educate ourselves about care and concern for the environment, the better the future of industry looks. The businesses below are shining examples of businesses that put the environment at the top of their “to do” lists.

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Water, Water Everywhere

A small but growing business, GreenWorks Solutions, based out of Kent, UK began as a water company focused on bringing its patrons a high quality product with as little impact on the environment as possible; every part of its water bottles were recyclable, even the caps, and their coolers come with 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable cups. To make matters even more impressive, it only uses low-emission vehicles to del

iver its products, and it only purchase supplies from environmentally friendly suppliers.

Since its inception, GreenWorks has expanded to produce water, coffee and washrooms. All of its products are crafted with the earth in mind, and it even began a foundation for sustainable water and sanitation projects in Africa.

A Card That’s Not Hard on the Environment

Printing companies have historically been rough on the environment. Printing with ink can waste a lot of water, and we all know paper wastes trees. Overnight Prints has taken this bull by the horns, standing as an example to all the printing companies who haven’t jumped on the “green” bandwagon yet. Everything from stamps to business cards online has an eco-happy motive.

Overnight Prints uses paper ordered from a Japanese company that developed a sustainable business model. It has already planted 170,000 hectares of land with trees, with a target area of 300,000 hectares (basically, more than enough to offset their paper usage). Additionally, it uses waterless printing technology, which eliminates volatile organic compounds from being released and reduces paper usage, as it’s a more accurate printing process. Overall, its process is more eco-friendly, quicker, and higher quality than many other printing companies.

Duds You Love to Love

White Apricot is both an ecologically and socially conscious company; it’s much more than a website. Since the company began, it has scoured the Internet and the world at large for the cutest, most environmentally conscious clothing they can find. Although it doesn’t produce the products, it has publicized and popularized dozens of eco-friendly brands struggling to get their feet on the ground. It also circulates a fun, factual newsletter about environmental and fashion issues, combining humor with their humanitarian cause.


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