Energy Saving Strategies Too Easy to Ignore

Whether you’re looking to save on energy costs at home or at the office, this is the post for you. Wasteful spending must be avoided at all costs in your personal life in order to make available the personal capital necessary to successfully maintain a startup. But where can costs be cut? Surely, there’s no shortage of expenditures in your own home you can slash to save some money. But in addition to the sacrifices, is there any way to save some money every month that doesn’t involve giving up something we love?

When we thinking of energy saving, we usually think of


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sacrifice – sacrificing part of our seemingly complete and utter reliance on electric-powered technology. But this isn’t the case. It’s all about removing the wasted energy. The following is a list of brilliant ways to do just that and save big on home energy consumption:

Keep a Full Fridge

The average refrigerator is responsible for one-sixth of all home energy use. But the major source of its energy needs comes from having to actively re-cool the internal air warmed up by opening the door. Cut this down by packing your fridge – items retain cold and therefore will disperse it into the air, reducing the amount of work your fridge has to do. Not interested in buying tons of groceries? Use jugs of water for the same result.

Make Sure Phone Chargers are Unplugged After Use

As long as you keep your phone chargers plugged into the wall after the phone is unhooked, you’re probably not saving any money at all. That’s because phone chargers keep pulling electricity out of the outlet whether there’s a phone being charged or not. To avoid this waste, unplug chargers after use.

Switch to Compact Florescent Lamps

CFLs are more costly than traditional incandescent lamps up front, but over time they will save you nearly $40 by keeping you from having to buy replacement bulbs. More importantly, they use nearly half as much energy as traditional bulbs while producing just as much brightness. You’re certain to see the ostensibly costly investment pay off big time in the long-run.

Indoor Hang-Dry

Why not? We’ve become far too reliant on dryers when it comes to acquiring clean clothing. It adds unnecessary dollars to your energy bill when you could be hanging clothes up for free to get the same results. Not only that, but during the winter, hang drying of wet clothes adds much needed humidity into the arid indoor environment. If you have two parallel walls far apart from each other, and a string of equal size…then you’re good to go.

Another option that can work in harmony with these other solutions is utilizing a rate comparison site like SaveOnEnergy. This will allow you to find smart ways to save some money while also making sacrifices. Wasteful home energy use is definitely something we could all live without, while the money to be gained is definitely something we’d all be happy to receive.

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