Feng Shui Your Bedroom Furniture For Better Health

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of positioning furniture and using plants and colors to create a better flow of energy through your home or office.  By being attuned to these larger forces, practitioners believe that you can summon qualities into your life that you desire and address the problems that keep you up at night.  Speaking of keeping you up at night, there are certain feng shui guidelines about how a bedroom should be set up to promote a good night’s sleep.

The energy that you’re looking for in your bedroom is one of peacefulness.  You want to create a sanctuary, a place where you leave the stress of the day behind to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. You’re probably also hoping to stimulate a bit of fun. Ideally, your feng shui bedroom also unleashes a bit of playfulness and sensuality as well. Here are the best tips feng shui has to offer about getting a good night’s sleep:

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Start with the bed:

An important part of feng shui is the furniture itself – and the centerpiece of your bedroom is likely to be your bed. Your connection to your bed affects you on many intimate levels, from your health and well-being to the quality of your relationships.

When selecting your bed, look for something with a good headboard to offer you the energetic “back up” you’ll need to feel safe while falling asleep.  It is best to sleep on a new mattress because, according to feng shui, a used one may carry negative energy with it.  Finally, make sure that your bed is raised off the ground to allow the flow of energy beneath the bed.


Positioning the bed:

Always position your bed against a strong wall, rather than beneath a window. Beds under windows sap your energy, according to the principles of feng shui.  Do not position your bed under a sloping ceiling, as you may feel constricted. Ideally both sides of the bed will be accessible, as otherwise energy may stagnate.  This is particularly important for romantic couples sharing a bed.


Beware of mirrors:

One of the major tenants of feng shui is the judicious use of mirrors.  In the bedroom, avoid having a mirror pointing directly at your bed.  Instead, look for an alternate placement.


Ditch the electronics:

Any doctor or therapist will tell you that good sleep hygiene starts with removing TV and electronics from your bedroom. Add exercise equipment to that list of no-nos and you’ll have a good sense of the feng shui perspective on this issue. These items in your bedroom will destroy the good feng shui you’re working so hard to create! Remember: from a feng shui perspective, the bedroom is for sleeping and for romantic activities.  Everything else should happen in another room of the house.


Fresh air and natural fibers are important:

Think about the feng shui in your bedroom in terms of high quality fresh air. Open the windows when you can, or use a good quality air purifier to help circulate the air.  Look for extremely comfortable sheets of a high quality natural material such as cotton or silk.  Don’t bring plants into the bedroom unless the room is very large and you can keep the plants away from the bed.

Keep your doors closed:  Good feng shui in the bedroom will help you to create regenerative energy that will help heal your body, spirit, and your relationships.  Keep the bedroom doors closed (including closet doors) in order to allow the energy to be focused on you and your regenerative needs.



Lighting plays a major role in nourishing the human body and spirit.  Harsh lights aren’t conducive to sleeping or romance, and they aren’t conducive to good feng shui.  Think about layering lights, through the use of overheads and lamps.  You can also consider using a dimmer switch.  Use candles for the best and most natural form of lighting whenever possible.


With these tips in mind, you can begin to make subtle changes that will help you get a good night’s rest and turn your bedroom into an oasis for retreat, reflection, and romance.


About the author: Michelle Lim is a respected freelance writer with years of experience covering the home & garden industry. When she’s not writing, you can find her covering Chicago Luxury Beds or training for her upcoming marathon.

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