Green For Every Guy And Gal: Environmentally Conscious Gifts

The next time you’re at a party, whether it’s a shower, wedding, birthday, anniversary or your secretary’s dog’s baptism— there’s a way to go green for every gift you give. Whether you’re new to the world of environmentalism or a seasoned earth-saving pro, there’s something out there to please even that guy (or gal) who has everything.

For The Foodie

Chances are you have a friend that considers themselves a “foodie.” The type who drives their hybrid however many miles it takes to get to the best farmer’s market, and who can rattle reviews off their head for the best restaurants in every genre within a 100 mile radius . . . or maybe you’re that friend and you want to convert your other friends to be foodies gift bags

The perfect gift to start with is the Mushroom Kit from Urban Farmer. It’s only $25 and it gives you organic, Farmer’s Market-esque, delicious fungi grown from the comfort of your own kitchen. This allows the grower to grow 10 pounds of mushrooms in

under 10 days, anytime they want. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

For the Fashionista

Fashion is one of the most prevalent obsessions of the first world. Even women who “aren’t that into fashion” generally still have a pair of shoes for every day of the month. Well, isn’t it about time we start doing good for the environment while looking great? Next time you want to buy your BFF a sweater, or get your cousin the perfect baby shower gift, try investing in some green garments.

Environmental authority Stephen Dent recommends fabrics made with natural fiber first and foremost: cotton, silk, wool and other earth-begat threads. There’s also quite a few green-happy clothing stores with more options than there are hippies at a Phish concert. For spunky clothes with attitude, try surfing, which houses some of the cutest, spunkiest guilt-free tees.

For The Gadget Guy

For the man who has the latest and greatest in every new gadget; there’s quite a few green gizmos we’re sure he doesn’t even know exist yet . . . that’s why it’s up to you to step up to the plate and show your green-loving colors. For example, the Learning Thermostat from Nest gets to know your personal temperature preferences and can be controlled remotely through your laptop or smartphone— AND it has a ton of energy-saving settings. It costs $250, but with all the energy saved, it’s worth it. If you know someone who is picky about lighting, or cutting energy costs, it’s time to pick them up the very first “connected” lightbulb, the Insteon LED bulb, and for $30 they can have the ambiance of their dreams.

If you’re looking for something simple, check out the biodegradable smartphone case from Innovez. Americans spend six billion dollars a year on broken iPhones— that’s enough to build a small city . . .  so we might as well spend the $25 on protecting them in an efficient, environmentally sound manner. Plus they look really nice.


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