Green Store Finder: a New iPhone Application

Do you try and seek out Green businesses around where you live or where your traveling? Shopping at these places is a great and easy way to help the environment, but they are usually hard to find.
Look no further. 3rdWhale has just launched a new paid version of their iPhone app that helps you easily find green businesses local to you along with giving useful sustainable living tips. It’s been both beautifully revamped in its interface and is now a true trailblazer. It’s now as simple as clicking on this application and driving (or better yet, biking) to your destination.

But, fantastically, the good doesn’t stop there. 3rdWhale is the first mobile app developer to join 1% For the Planet If you don’t know what this is it’s a company that encourages businesses across the globe to donate 1% of their profit to saving the environment.
!% didn’t seem like very much to 3rdWhale though, they have settled on donating 25 cents for every application they sell, deducted off of their $1.40 profit (that’s a generous 18%). They will give 5 cents to five different organizations to help them help us.
The organizations are Earthshare, Natural Capital Solutions, Wiser Earth, Heart of the World, and Orangutan Outreach
Something else to consider is that when they submitted the app for the iTunes store, Apple, for unspecified reasons, does not allow any statements in an application indicating charitable contributions. This is hindering the potential for more people to know that they can make a difference just by buying an app. 1% is a low barrier to entry for app developers, and would likely help their bottom line, while potentially hugely benefitting NGOs of all kinds.
Direct link to get the 3rdWhale iPhone app on iTunes:
Talk this up, get one yourself, and we’re on our way to a Greener planet.
This application is coming out on Google Android and Blackberry Storm soon so if you don’t have an “i”gadget, don’t feel left out. Keep looking for it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the 3rd Whale app and WiserEarth, one of the nonprofit organizations benefiting from the company’s generosity.
    WiserEarth serves the people who are transforming the world.
    It is an international directory and networking forum that maps, links and empowers the largest and fastest growing movement in the world – the hundreds of thousands of organizations that address social justice, poverty, and the environment.
    The site features free global networking Group spaces, networking opportunities, and event and job listings.
    Hope to see you on WiserEarth!
    With thanks for the work you do,

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