Greener World: Bolivia

All too often I believe “green” projects are so much more than simply fulfilling a purpose to help the environment. Going “green” is no longer about just getting rid of a few chemicals around the home or switching off the lights when no one’s using the room. Being eco-friendly has expanded its purpose into the bigger picture our entire world shares. It has become a way of life, a way of health, a way of giving back.

Wearearth is a perfect example of this. Though it is company primarily based out of the USA, their eco-friendly tote market bags are made in Bolivia. By Fairtrade. Wearearth goes beyond providing eco-friendly products for those aware of their effects on the earth. They are affordable and considerate of people’s rights. Their products are made with Fairtrade’s approval through a factory in Bolivia.

Though eco-friendly companies and projects are branching out to do more than just help the environment, it would be interesting to see what would happen in the rest of the world caught on to this trend of “do-good.” Many people still view environmentalists as “tree-huggers” and many companies, organizations and products are so focused on one cause (i.e.: being green, helping poverty, human rights, stop violence, general health, etc) that they have tunnel vision and miss the opportunity to focus on the bigger picture.

The reality is that there are a lot of issues in the world today. Maybe there are more than what there were 50 or 100 years ago or maybe the issues are just more publicized with technology these days. Regardless, there is so much need in the world for people, companies and organizations to stand up and do what’s right – that being just a tree hugger is no longer as easy as it once was. More than likely, anyone interested in saving the Amazon Rain Forest is also likely to be interested in child labor rights. Those interested in decreasing poverty are probably likely to be interested in using cleaning products that won’t harm a person’s health.

Everything is linked in our world today and as Wearearth has clued into, the more good one can do in this world, the better.

So start thinking bigger than simply changing all your lightbulbs to eco-bulbs. Being eco-friendly is about being world-friendly. Start looking at the bigger picture and how you can be more than just green. Choose eco-friendly products that do more than just save a few trees. Buy the reusable bag that’s made from a Fairtrade factory in Bolivia. Opt for the eco-friendly tour company that gives money to an organization helping poverty. There are so many options that combine being green with the bigger picture that it starts to make those organizations, companies and products that only focus on the environmental side of things a bit selfish in their focus. Why should one have to specialize in only one area of good? Shouldn’t we be willing to spread the love around?



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