Helix Wind Turbines: New and Effective

Installing your own alternative energy source can be a scary thing. Especially when there is so much out there. I stumbled upon the Helix Wind Turbine the other day and thought it was a fantastic solution for not only those looking for an alternative energy source but also those people that want something attractive to stick on their homes instead of large solar panels or a gigantic three-pronged pinwheel.

The Helix Wind Turbines work just like normal turbines, but more effectively and more attractively. They look like a modernized version of wind garden statues. I’d be surprised if your neighbors even knew it had a completely different purpose.
But the shape of a Helix Wind Turbine does more than look good. The large, twisted pillar is capable of catching air from all directions, propelling the turbine at higher speeds, catching the wind at lower speeds, protecting surprised birds, and working silently. They have the benefits, without any setbacks.
These turbines force air through the blades, which turn the turbine generator. This generator is connected to your home, farm, office, (anywhere you need energy) and as the wind blows, your home is powered.
When there is no wind, your home will revert to the energy grid. However, when there is more wind than your home needs at one time, or you’ve exceeded the amount that you’ve consumed, the the turbines continue to spin. Depending on where you live, this could turn your meter backwards, cutting costs off your energy bill and saving you even more money.
From what I’ve seen, there really is no negative side to the Helix turbines. As alternative energy sources become more popular, more people are clamoring to obtain their own energy. This is the best variation of the standard wind turbine I’ve seen, one that you should consider for your own home.

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  1. felix kemboi

    it is exiting how such simple technological knowledge can make life easier, please show us how that helix turbine is made

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