How to Earn An Eco-Friendly Education

There are green ways and funding opportunities available to earn a college degree.

How to earn an eco-friendly education:

Would you like to go back to college, take another class, or earn a degree you’ve always wanted, but you have children, you cannot take the time to attend classes, or you cannot afford a college education? There are green ways and funding opportunities available to earn a college degree.

Since I found myself unemployed a year ago, I noticed that an administrative assistant position description requires a degree. Since unemployment is at an all-record high, employers have a wider, larger pick of educated employee. I decided to return to school, 30 years after I earned a GED (general education degree)! My passion is the English language, editing, and proofreading. I went shopping for an online degree and am currently enrolled in Axia College of University of Phoenix. I will earn an associate’s degree in communications in 18 months (June 2009 to January 2011).
The criterion for choosing an online school was that it was 99% online. The University of Phoenix course materials are online. They have an extensive online Library that I have access to, and there are no landfill books that become obsolete five years after the course is over. I download my course materials, syllabus, calendar, etc. and may print on paper if I wish. I have not had to print, so have not used paper, since I started.

I have a division of the school close to my home. I entered my application, was processed the same day, and began classes a week later. I have been back once more to use their facsimile machine. I may take an offered Student Workshop at the building, including Basic Essay Writing, Avoiding Plagiarism, or Basic Grammar, etc. if I need free, specialized training. I expect to have help with math, as they have offered to help alleviate the known “math class fears”.

There are at least 201 online Universities, Colleges, and Schools to choose from.

Can you afford to go to school? Check out FAFSA (Federal Student Aid) and the Federal Pell Grant Program for a low-income, undergraduate education.

You can afford to get that degree, and be kind to Mother Earth too!

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