Is Medical Marijuana Healthy? Is Marijuana a “Green” Choice?

Anyone who ever experimented with marijuana or who has been near someone who was smoking it, understands what is meant by the statement that the plant has a “green smell.” It smells like an earthy, green, living plant.

If it weren’t illegal, it could be enjoyable to grow, if for nothing but the earthy scent. But obviously, that type of earthy green isn’t what’s typically meant by the societal term “going green.”

Because it is a natural plant and readily available, many who live by green living principles believe strongly in the use of medical marijuana to treat a variety of physical ailments. These vary but can include glaucoma, MS, and even HIV or AIDS. Medical marijuana is also used with cancer patients to minimize the effects of chemotherapy.

Not everyone agrees, however.

While eco-friendly principles do apply to growing, harvesting and even using marijuana, in the sense that it’s a natural, organic substance, the harmful effects caused by inhaling the vapors and smoke when smoking marijuana are under debate.

Do the medical advantages outweigh the disadvantages of inhaling smoke/vapors?

Should you be using marijuana in some different way (Magic brownies for example)?

In some states, you and your doctor can decide these things.

Currently, fifteen states, as well as Washington D.C. allow medical marijuana prescriptions for certain maladies. One of the biggest problems they have faces to date is how to regulate the usage of marijuana.

One of the leading ideas for the use and regulation of medical marijuana comes from the State of Colorado, which uses what they call a “medical marijuana bond” to oversee and enforce regulations associated with dispensing it.

A medical marijuana bond is basically a three-party legal contract.  It is designed to ensure a specified level of performance. The parties involved are the principal, who dispenses the marijuana and guarantees that the appropriate taxes will be paid; the obligee, the state regulatory agency that requires the bond; and the surety, who issues the bond and provides the guarantee.

While a medical marijuana bond can protect against financial and quality issues, it doesn’t answer the questions associated with the health of the individuals using it.  The last thing a cancer patient who is suffering through chemo may be concerned with is what side effects are involved with the use of marijuana, because in many cases the soothing he or she experiences as a result of its use often surpasses the concern over other uncertain health effects.

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  1. Rserp1

    When I seen this artical in my mail box I was hoping to read either a pro or against artical with some facts to back the claim. I have to say I was dissapointed with it ending so short of the answers. I enjoyed what the autor wrote but felt left wanting more from this artical.

    I think we all can agree smoking in general is bad. At least that is how we associate smoke because of tobacco use.
    We have been told by everyone and their mother that tobacco use is dangerous. It causes all sorts of deadly diseases. Cancer, Heart and lung problems etc.
    Then their is Fire smoke that if your house caught on fire it is the smoke that kills you.
    So we clearly understand Smoke as being Bad.
    But the question should be is it bad in Marijuana use?
    The smoke from tobacco is laced with all sorts of artifical chemicals that you would never digest in raw form. It is there for a number of reasons. Taste, Flavor, shelf life, curing, and habit forming. It is these chemicals that make it more dangerous. And tobacco smoking use is 20 times more than one Marijuana stick.
    Smoke from a house fire is diffrent also. It is all the toxins in the smoke that kills you from your furinture.
    Burn a bunch of plastics and try to breath in that smoke (Not recomended) it would kill you. Breath in smoke from say tree wood at a bonfire in the backyard. The smell is nice but the smoke irretates if you get too much. But it won’t kill you. It is not treated with anything.
    Same goes with Marijuana. It is not treated with anything.
    So the medical side affects are reduced.
    Some worry it is like smoking tobacco. I seen chain smokers of tobacco. I used to be one. Lighting up as soon as one went out.
    That doesn’t happen with Marijuana. Well with most normal people anyway.
    Marijuana is not habit forming. So there is no urge to lite up another when done the first time.
    The effects from smoking is the direct result of how many actually get smoked in what amount of time.
    The more potent the less used. The less potent the more used.
    But still would be less than a tobacco smoker.
    So the health issues related to Marijuana use is unsubstantialized as it has been kept under ground for so many years and the federal government refusal to let independent studies take place at well known colleges.
    Everyone is left with what they know personally.
    I try hard to use facts when presenting the risks.
    Smoke is bad. But it depends on what smoke and the levels of exsposure.
    Marijuana get’s a bad rap for no other reason because of it’s recreational use.
    If it was used for medical purposes from the start then it would of been more widley excepted.

    • Sorry the author of this one didn’t take a stance on the issue. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts on it, which I think rounds out the article nicely. What do you think it will take for government to allow the studies to take place?

  2. Dean Humble

    their are several other products that can be made from marijuana,besides just the herb for burning…
    bio-fuel,rope, cloth,food,filters,among others…

    • Yes, but aren’t there other crops that are better for these kinds of things? I’ve not heard of marijuana as food. How do you eat it (other than in the obvious *magic* brownies)?

      • Dean Humble

        the seeds just like beans have a high protein and vitamin content… the gov just does not want any one to know…

  3. patientinmichigan

    The other side of the issue is what happens to the health of a person when they are treated with alternative drugs. Especially chronic pain sufferers. Modern pain medication is mostly opiate derived and therefore highly addictive. Marijuana is also addictive but does not produce debilitating detox symptoms. The effects of long term Marijuana use are not known because of lack of research but the effects of long term opiate use are well documented. Many patients consume their meds without smoking them. If the alternative is vicodin or oxycontin I know which way I’m going. My situation is a little different. I have replaced a LIFETIME of ever increasing steriod doses with a plant I can grow at home. I CHOOSE to primarily smoke my meds because I like to. There may come a day when I don’t want to anymore and then I’ll eat them in food. Either way I’ll have had full control of the process from the time the cutting is taken untill the flower is prepared for consumption.

  4. jorge

    I’m 54 and have friends since child and they have been smoking this green curious plant and they are healthy as an ox and every time they light up, the jiggles starts for ours…So you tell me…which is worst??

  5. Rserp1

    I tried to post and it was good. But long. And the forces be wouldn’t let me and erased what I wrote.
    In a nut shell, the Federal Government will never allow Marijuana to become legal and continues to hamper it’s independent testing.
    If you want to really know why. Then write me at [email protected] and I can send it by E-mail. At least I won’t be stopped that way.

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