Moving? 5 Ways to Move Green

How to Stay ‘Green’ While Moving

Relocating can be tedious and stressful, not to mention expensive. Many people find themselves so busy and overwhelmed with the process that they forget that moving can also be a burden on mother nature. Keep these simple tips in mind while you’re moving to help ease the strain on the environment:

Use these tips to stay eco-friendly when you move


Moving Trucks

Some moving companies offer trucks that use diesel fuel. Choose a company that uses biodiesel instead. Biodiesel is eco-friendly and less expensive, while diesel fuel emits dangerous toxins. Some model companies even pledge to use recycled paper in their advertisements, and some go the extra mile and offer to plant trees for every move! Hiring a company that expresses concern for the environment will help you make a small positive environmental change while moving.

Used Boxes or Boxes Made From Recycled Materials

You may be wondering where to get moving boxes. There are many websites that offer used boxes that you can buy at a significant discount. This gives old cardboard boxes new life and keeps them out of landfills. After you move in and get settled, you can resell them yourself and keep the cycle going. Another option is to buy boxes made completely of recycled materials.

Pack Smart

There are two facets to smart packing: First, take the time to arrange your possesions until you are able to utilize the space in each box to the fullest extent (think of it as a game of tetris), which will save you from using more packing material than what you actually need. Consequently you’ll prevent waste and save money on boxes. Second, determine what you do and don’t want to take with you to your new home. Get rid of items that you don’t want in a responsible manner – by donating them, organizing a yard sale or recycling. Leaving items behind means more room in the moving truck and fewer trips!

DIY Packing Peanuts

Because conventional packing peanuts are not biodegradable, they are best excluded from your moving process. Consider substituting them with an unlikely packing material – plain, unbuttered popcorn. It easily serves the same purpose without taking a toll on the environment.

Nix Newspaper

It may be cheap to use your old newspapers to wrap fragile possessions, but it may have unforseen environmental consequences. The print will make dishes so dirty that they’ll have to be washed several times, resulting in wasted water. Recycled packing paper will do a better job without all of the smudges.


Going Green is a lifestyle, and moving will provide you with an excellent chance to minimize waste and care for the environment. So quit stressing! You’ll be all moved into your new home in no time, with a clear environmental conscience!


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