Positive Thinking for Quality Living: Your Dose of Relaxation, Inspiration, and Motivation

Another week has come and gone, and while we are so caught up in our daily routines, we hardly notice that the moments that make life worth while are passing us by. We think of our careers, jobs, problems, and stress in general, that we forget the simple pleasures in life. Here is a compilation of various media that will (hopefully) contribute to your inspiration, relaxation, and motivation for the coming week:

The Greatest Speech Ever Made (Charlie Chaplin in “The Great Dictator”)

“Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men

“Departures” by Joe Hisaishi from the Japanese film “Okuribito”

“Fragrance of Dark Coffee” from the Soundtrack of the Phoenix Wright series of Videogames

(Protip: You can loop this track using this link . You can also open Rainy Mood while playing the track, which simulates the sound of falling rain. Trust me, it’s very relaxing)

Richard St. John’s TED talk about Success

I hope you guys like our collection. So what motivates you?

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  1. The video in which Richard St. John spoke about success actually gave me the inspiration for one of my next blog posts. So thank you! I needed the encouragement especially right now in this transitional, visionary phase of my life.

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