The Christmas Day Green Wrap-up 25.December, 2012

California is taking the lead in reducing carbon emissions with one of the nation’s most ambitious renewable energy programs. By 2020, California intends to generate 33 percent of its power from renewable sources. If there was any doubt about its progress, the state recently set a record for winter solar power generation, almost reaching the previous record set this summer of just over 1 gigawatt of solar energy.
A new study using a computer model of the atmosphere and a numerical analysis method to fill in gaps in collected data from the Byrd Station outpost finds that the central region of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) is experiencing twice as much warming as previously thought.
This infographic has been floating around the Internet and we at Greenster think it’s awesome. Are you in line with Gandhi’s fundamentals?
There’s something in the air this season – and I’m not talking about the smell of hot credit cards. People are pushing for simpler holiday celebrations – and some of them are pushing pretty hard.
  • (Ally)GreenJoyment: I like the description of 17th century England’s Christmastime in this article! Carousing and merrymaking sounds a lot more fun than shopping and spending and wrapping and going into debt.
Shipping Containers will be used in a luxury multifamily home build; the site of construction is located in Detroit and will start in early 2013. Recycling 93 Shipping containers, this project is thought to be the first in the US and the hope is to easily replicate the build.
China is the global leader in high speed rail and now is pushing the technological limits of the system by operating high speed trains in places of extreme temperatures. The Harbin-Dalian high speed rail line has been tested and is currently running through areas of Northeastern China where temperatures reach negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
The German multinational Siemens has announced the confirmation of the first order from the great nation of southern Africa. It is, in particular, of 138 megawatt wind farm that land will go to the park Jeffrey’s Bay.

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