The Green Wrap-up 06.December, 2012

It’s only been two years since the Chevrolet Volt first when on sale, but Chevrolet is saying that owners of the car have driven a collective 100 million all-electric miles in this short period of time. Like any other alternatively powered car, owners are finding ways to maximize efficiency, and Chevrolet states that Volt owners are traveling under electric power more than 65 percent of the time leading to a savings in gasoline expenses to the tune of $1,370 per year.
Countries around the world are becoming increasingly conscious of environmental issues, and major metropolitan centers are the new front line in the struggle to go green. But how are big cities taking on the challenge? This infographic from HouseTrip examines the measures being employed – from water consumption statistics to green building initiatives – in an attempt to find out which cities are embracing the green revolution. Check it out after the jump!
Wave power is the oft-forgotten cousin of solar and wind power. It has huge potential, but it is not quite as far along as the better known sources of clean power, so it tends to be overlooked. But it shouldn’t! To clean up our power grid we’ll need all the help we can get.
Want to make your own food gifts for the holidays? Here are two recipes – one for homemade cranberry jam courtesy of Whole Foods, one for homemade applesauce courtesy of me – that are simple, delicious, and guaranteed to inspire anyone who receives them to lick her lips!
  • (Ally)GreenJoyment: These recipes look so incredibly easy! I’ve thought about making jam before, but most jam recipes seem to require a whole day and the purchase of a canner. These ones look fool-proof! The only negative is that they only last in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks, so you’d have to be sure that if you give them as gifts, you mention that the recipient needs to eat them quickly. Although, as delicious as they look, I’m sure they wouldn’t last long anyway!
…But that’s nothing compared to the new compressed natural gas (CNG) version that VW has just unveiled: 79 g/km of CO2, which beats the current generation Prius hybrid by 29%.
This holiday season, talk of having a “minimalist Christmas” or participating in Buy Nothing Christmas seems to be all over the place (maybe it’s the economy? An attempted Scrooge coup?).
For those of us who are good and tired of our veggie dishes playing second fiddle to the omni’s main courses, here are some tried-and-true meat-free centerpieces that are sure to dazzle herbivores and omnivores alike.

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