The Green Wrap-up 09.February, 2013

The Nissan Leaf doesn’t exactly rank up there with Snoop Dogg’s ’64 Impala when it comes to thumping sound systems, but at least the Japanese automaker is bringing the all-electric’s stereo in line with the car’s energy efficient approach.
The British Columbia government has plans to double or even triple the amount of natural gas produced in the province in order to meet growing international demand. Although the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline is a key issue of concern to British Columbians, widespread fracking for unconventional gas presents another significant challenge that should be on the public’s radar, according to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA).
LADC (Lukas Armstrong, design + consulting) is building a medium density, intergenerational, certified “Passive House” triplex in the vibrant and progressive town of Nelson BC. The Province of BC and the local energy provider, Fortis BC provided the firm with $75,000.00 in funding for the affordable sustainable housing project, which features expansive south-facing windows to soak up warmth and daylight in the cold winter months.
Suddenly everyone knows about Germany’s solar power dominance because Fox Newsheads made an ass of themselves, suggesting that the country is a sunny, tropical paradise. Most media folks have figured out that there are some monster differences in policy (e.g., a feed-in tariff), but then latch on to the “Germans pay a lot extra” meme. Germans do, and are perfectly happy with it, but that’s still not the story.
Chocolate fondue is even better for those without Valentine’s Day dates, because it is the ultimate communal experience. Grab a few friends and get dipping! This Valentine’s Day, plan to make your own chocolate fondue by following this simple recipe.
  • GreenJoyment(Ally): Fondue is easier than you might think, especially with this vegan recipe! Soft pretzels are great for dipping alongside organic fruit.

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