The Green Wrap-up 12.February, 2013

Recently published by Resolution: 4 Architecture, this time lapse video shows how builders stacked thirteen prefabricated boxes to create this stunning six bedroom, five bathroom home in Fisher’s Island, New York.
President Obama had a lot to say about climate change, energy and infrastructure during his 2013 State of the Union address…
Holland has become a bellwether for electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure development. The numbers certainly are not staggering – about 7,500 on the roads throughout the Netherlands – but they did increase eightfold last year and charging posts are showing up in cities everywhere. Change is happening in this small country – about 100 miles east to west – where gasoline process hover around $8.50 a gallon and there’s a long tradition of environmental activism.
Solar panels, once a rare sighting, have popped up all over the world in recent years, spurred by government incentives and falling prices. And now, global solar capacity has tipped past the 100 gigawatt-mark.
King’s College London has wonderful news for anyone who is frightened of needles. Scientists at the university have developed a disc covered with a painless microneedle array made of sugar that dissolves upon entering the skin.
  • GreenJoyment(Ally): Reading this article, one might ask, “how is this green news?” One reason that this could be an environmental advancement is because gases used in refrigeration contribute to climate change, so vaccines that don’t need to be refrigerated are better for the environment! Here at GreenJoyment, we’re not only concerned about the health of the planet, but also human health. A vaccine like this one will make it easier for people to receive the medical treatment they need in areas of the world where refrigeration is difficult or impossible.
We spend a lot of time discussing the vehicles that travel on roadways, but not nearly as much on the roads themselves. But roads matter in environmental terms, and not just because of the land they displace (though that’s important, too): the materials that go into them, and the means by which they keep traffic moving are just two of the considerations of road construction that impact the world beyond the structures themselves.

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