The Green Wrap-up 18.January, 2013

When you watch the Zipcar video “How to Zip: Fill ‘er Up” (embedded below) you’ll see a Zipcar customer finding out he needs to stop at a gas station. There’s a Zipcar co-pilot in the backseat who gives him friendly, detailed instructions on how to get reimbursed for filling up the gas tank.
  • GreenJoyment(Ally): To me, this seems like one of those “six-in-one, half dozen in the other” kind of scenarios. This article suggests that because people are being reimbursed for gas, Zipcar is sending the message that fuel conservation isn’t important. But it could also be thought of as an incentive for car-sharing, which does promote fuel conservation and reduced waste related to personally-owned vehicles. One must also ask oneself, if fuel is free, are people going to go hog-wild and drive significantly more than they would otherwise, or are they just going to drive about their day as usual and not have to pay for gas?
The Department of Defense has bases in the U.S. and forward operating bases in theaters of war like Afghanistan. In both cases, providing reliable electricity, a strategic and tactical necessity for an increasingly wired military, is a challenge. One way the military is meeting that challenge is developing microgrids, which are way cooler than they sound.
The Keystone XL pipeline has long been a target of environmentalists, Holland writes, but blocking the Keystone XL pipeline may actually have some counterproductive effects on the environment.
To launch a new range of chilled meat-free foods from Linda McCartney Foods, the company has kicked off a #LoveLinda campaign that includes a fantastic new television commercial with new music by Paul McCartney.
Rotunda Living, a small home builder based in the United Kingdom, has designed some small, contemporary round houses inspired by nature’s shapes and elements. They look like the perfect backyard getaway to use as a studio, guest bedroom, pool house, or meditative escape space.
Australia’s coffee culture is offering a sustainable solution that people anywhere in the world can employ. The Aussie founders of JOCO Cups created a travel cup that is designed for the perfect brew — and it’s also made of 100% recyclable and BPA-free glass!

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