The Green Wrap-up 2.March, 2013

…Lord Monckton is currently on a tour of Australia. One of his appearances was in a rented room at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) where he told the audience that global warming has stopped – which it hasn’t.
This beautiful 5,543-square-foot home on the coast of Kavarna, Bulgaria has been designed to perfectly match the angle of the summer equinox sun. Created by Ignatov Architects, the compact, energy-efficient design makes the home 90% more energy efficient than a similar home without upgrades, which also gives it Passive House status.
Residents all over the San Francisco Bay area are stepping up and bringing their own reusable bags, elected officials around the country (and the world) are waking up to the problem of plastic pollution in our communities and waterways. And they’re passing comprehensive bans on single use plastic shopping bags. The only group that doesn’t get that plastic bags are done is the plastics industry.
  • GreenJoyment(Ally): I also like the idea of charging folks for plastic bags at the grocery store, with proceeds going toward environmental efforts. If people have to pay for their plastic bags, they’ll be more likely to bring reusable bags from home.
Thermal cameras are invaluable tools for spotting heat leaks and winter proofing your home. The Mu Thermal Imager is a compact, affordable accessory that turns your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer into a thermal camera!
Despite massive growth of the offshore wind industry in Europe, a blossoming array of land-based wind turbines stateside, and plenty of wind to spare, the U.S. has yet to sink even one turbine in the ocean. Not exactly the kind of leadership on renewables President Obama called for in his recent State of the Union address.
If you are wondering what to do with boxes or drawers overflowing with old film negatives, this clever project takes care of them while giving your home a bit of personalized mood lighting.

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