The Green Wrap-up 21.December, 2012

Apparently Gristers aren’t the only ones feeling discontent with America’s holiday traditions. Our campaign to “shift the gift” this season has taken on a life of its own on Twitter and attracted the attention of two national TV news programs — first 20/20 and now the Jane Velez-Mitchell show on HLN.
For those affected by hurricane Sandy Bue Homes is offering a discount to help get you back into a new home at a discount. Along with this great offer they do it in record time.
Researchers at GE Global Research have achieved a first step in reducing the cost of zero emission buses, with a vehicle powered by General Electric’s new Durathon battery in tandem with a lithium battery and a hydrogen fuel cell. According to GE, this development of a new energy management system could help accelerate both fuel cell acceptance and electrification of bus fleets, delivery trucks and other larger, heavy-duty vehicle fleets enabling clean vehicle technologies.
For me, the holidays are a time to reflect on what we’ve achieved over the past year and look ahead to the challenges and possibilities the New Year holds in store. 2012 was a quite a year. Besides the obvious big story – the reelection of President Obama – here’s a list of my ten favorite stories of the year.
Hello, Friends! Are you ready for the big day? Only 3 days to go! Have you finished your holiday shopping? Or do you have a few loose ends to tidy up before the weekend? I have a single gift left to wrap – I wanted to get everything done before this evening so I could relax the next few days. All I want is to snuggle up on my sofa with my family and Noodles the Pug – and sip a hot cup of peppermint cocoa.
While I get out my favorite eco-friendly wrapping paper, here are a few green things to take you through the weekend:
  • (Ally)GreenJoyment: I particularly liked the 2012 best book list included in this post. I’m always looking for new books to read and books to give as gifts. This year my 17-year-old sister told me that she particularly likes books that can make her cry, so I gave used copies of Khaled Hosseini’s “1000 Splendid Suns” and “The Kite Runner.” These are definitely cryers and some of my all-time favorites. I included a note from Santa explaining that the jolly old elf gave used books for Christmas this year to help preserve the environment (A good way to let a young recipient know that Santa wasn’t just being cheap).
The holidays wouldn’t be complete without someone whipping up a batch of cookies to be shared with friends and family. Just in time for Christmas, Inhabitat’s Editor-in-Chief Jill Feherenbacher is sharing one of her favorite baking recipes: Petey’s Vegan Almond Cookies. These yummy treats require only five simple ingredients (which you probably already have in your home), and they take just four steps to make. And for an extra special touch to really pump up the holiday spirit, you can decorate your baker’s dozen with some sprinkles, almonds or cranberries — everyone is sure to ask you for more!
A new California law is set to go into effect in January that will bring in up to $550 million annually for efficiency and clean energy school construction projects.

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