The Green Wrap-up 23.December, 2012

Every string of Christmas lights tends to have a few dead bulbs in it when you pull it out of the closet. Instead of sending them on their merry way to the landfill, you can reuse those dead bulbs and use them to create some festive new holiday accessories.
Remember the days you watched your TV screen as a little kid and wished you had super hearing, x-ray vision, could run faster than light, or could fly? Well, the excitement and passion that sparked from imagining yourself with ultra-human powers may no longer be wishful thinking of the past!
  • (Ally)GreenJoyment: This article mentioned an increase in professional athletes going vegan. I looked into it and there are some pretty surprising ones, including MMA fighter Mac Danzig and the amazing rock climber Steph Davis. Many of the statements made by vegan athletes expressed that a vegan diet improved their physical performance and made them feel mentally sharper.
Swiss Re announced recently that total economic losses in 2012 from “natural catastrophes and man-made disasters” — primarily weather events — should reach roughly $140 billion. Over 11,000 lives were lost due to the so-called “natural catastrophes” alone.
Lakiya Culley, an administrative assistant at the U.S. State Department and mother of three, just moved into one of the most innovative, energy-efficient houses in the U.S. – in a rather unlikely location.
Amp Electric Vehicles recently said it’d get out of the business of converting SUVs to run on all-electric powertrains, and would instead focus on converting bigger delivery trucks. Now, Amp has reached an agreement to help develop paratransit vehicles for a Central Pennsylvania transit authority. The twist? They will be able to be recharged wirelessly.
Last year saw a shift from a reliance on oil and coal to an exploration of untapped natural gas resources and renewable energy. Few will bet against this topsy-turvy, transitional energy state persisting through 2013 and beyond. For the coming year, fossil fuels will continue to dominate the energy market, but renewables will continue their slow and steady gains, experts say.

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