The Green Wrap-up 23.March, 2013

Earth Hour has been criticized for accomplishing little in the way of saving energy and reducing carbon emissions, but those critiques tend to miss the bigger picture. Earth Hour is intended to raise awareness about climate change.
The car may look like a throwback, but the important bits are on the inside. South Africa-based Metair takes a retrofitted two-door hatchback and uses it to show off what the group says is the most advanced lead-acid battery around.
This week in Jetson Green Energy News, solar power is gaining momentum in Japan and Greece, competition is growing in offshore wind farms, Californians have inexpensive solar investment opportunities, D.C. government agencies will be powered by 100% renewable energy, and we have new upcoming green events.
We live in a technology-obsessed world in which powering down is a difficult thing to do — and that’s exactly why observing Earth Hour is so important. At 8:30-9:30 PM local time tonight, people around the world will shut their lights off and reflect on how we can protect and appreciate the Earth.
Our pets are consumers too, and the food, toys and blankets you give them impact the environment as much as your own, human-friendly products do. In fact, New Zealand scientists Robert and Brenda Vale claim that one medium-sized dog causes more environmental damage than an SUV. Instead of running from the issue with your tail between your legs, take some of these simple steps to green your dog or cat.
  • Greenjoyment(Ally): The article mentions making your own dog food, but you can also make your own dog treats (and making simple treats may be a less daunting task). There are some great, easy recipes online. I’ve made this recipe a few times for my own dog and she loved them! 
This is one of my favorite vegan seasonal pasta salads – I always make it when we have a lot of tomatoes on hand, because they are so yummy in this recipe! You can add any vegetables you want, your favorite pasta (I prefer whole-wheat) and your favorite vegan Italian dressing or mine below.

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