The Green Wrap-up 31.January, 2013

That “BPA free” label on the bottle you just bought does not necessarily mean toxin-free. Lisa Jackson, the outgoing administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, put it rather bluntly: when it comes to protecting the public from toxic chemicals in consumer products, “we are failing to get this job done.”
  • GreenJoyment(Ally): This is an important article for the conscientious consumer to read! When you think you’re buying BPA free products, you might actually be purchasing items made with chemicals that are equally or more harmful than BPA.
LA-based B.I.O. TECture is an integrator and manufacturer of unique building-integrated solar hot water collectors. The company’s flagship Solar Hybrid Shades™ basically serve as a shading system for buildings. The breakthrough is that they have incorporated solar thermal collectors into the shading elements, giving architects and building owners an innovative one-two punch of improved energy performance and beautifully integrative design.
Freight transportation is a small component of the overall lifecycle environmental impact for most products. For example, it’s less than 5 percent for a pair of Timberland shoes…Companies have to prioritize where in their supply chain to focus on environmental improvements. It is natural for them to focus first on the largest contributors to their footprint.Of course, every single product has a transportation footprint so those percentages add up across the economy.
Human-triggered climate warming appears to leave a unique fingerprint on global rainfall rates compared with natural warming, according to a new study.
The government of England has backtracked and decided that it won’t sell a significant portion (about 15%) of the public forests it holds, but will instead create a trust to hold them for future generations.
Get Seattle voters on the phone, and a funny thing happens: few of them say they believe there’s a car versus bike ‘war.’ Among the findings from a 400-respondent survey conducted in December 2012, the Seattle public opinion firm FM 3 found that…
Chevrolet is ready to introduce the coolest thing to happen to big-rig trucking since the days of “Convoy” and “BJ and the Bear.” The General Motors division is pitching a product called IdleAir, a system that the automaker says can let truckers maintain enough rest-stop power to run a television, air conditioning and a laptop at a truck stop without requiring the truck’s diesel engine to idle. As the saying goes, idling gets you nowhere.

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