The Green Wrap-up 4.March, 2013

Tesla Motors would be better served making its Model S electric vehicles compatible with CHAdeMO and SAE combo connector fast-charging stations than by spending time taking on those pesky New York Times journalists who question the car’s advertised single-charge range, writes Plug In Cars’ John Gartner.
President Obama nominated new leaders for the Department of Energy and the EPA Monday. Environmentalists like one of them, energy-industry advocates like the other.
Lightweight and low drag are hallmarks of great sportscar design. But when paired with a super-efficient, hybrid powertrain, you have the Volkswagen’s XL1 that has been formally introduced in Geneva today.
Rooftop solar installations have skyrocketed in recent years thanks largely to government incentives and falling prices. Rex Parris, the mayor of Lancaster, Calif., is taking the government’s role to a new level in a bid to make his city “the world solar energy capital of the world.”
BIBLIO-Centrum – from the Greek word for book and the Latin word for center – is a cultural hub designed by Dinkoff Architects to unite several of Helsinki’s most prominent facilities: Parliament, the Helsinki Music Centre, the Finland Opera House, the Kiasma Museum, Sanoma House, and the central railway station.
This story is a good example of why global warming and energy issues have to be looked at for the planet as a whole and not country by country or region by region. After all, all that matters for Earth’s atmosphere is the absolute amount of greenhouse gas from fossil sources that we pump into it, not that the U.S.’s relative share of the total is going down.
“I don’t see what all those environmentalists are worried about,” sneers your great uncle Joe. “Carbon dioxide is harmless, and great for plants!” OK. Take a deep breath. If you’re not careful, comments like this can result in dinner-table screaming matches. Luckily, we have a secret weapon: A flowchart that will help you calmly slay even the most outlandish and annoying of climate-denying arguments.
  • GreenJoyment(Ally): This flowchart is great! There’s a lot of good information here and it just might make you giggle. Commit this baby to memory before your next family gathering.

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