The Green Wrap-up 7.January, 2013

Starbucks has just introduced a new plastic reusable cup that they are selling for a buck. That’s cheap enough that people are not going to worry about it if they lose it, and it pays for itself very quickly with the 10 cent discount they offer to people who bring their own cup.
  • Greenjoyment(Ally): I think it’s great that Starbucks is encouraging people to bring in their own tumblers to refill rather than to pick up a disposable paper cup every time they buy a Starbucks product. Embarrassingly, I often forget to bring in my own coffee thermos for a refill. With the 10 cent discount and now these handy $1 reusable cups, there will be no  more easy excuses not to use a reusable!
My mom was a dish collector.. she loves, loves, loves dishes.. until finally one day. she decided to get rid of about 700 assorted dishes. The problem was nobody wanted them on Craigslist, the consignment places wouldn’t take them and nobody took them at a garage sale.. What to do? Donate or Reuse?
Is it true that asthma cases in children often correlate to living close to roads and all the associated pollution-spewing traffic?
Why build new hotels when millions of rooms in private homes around the world are left empty? This simple question led Brian Chesky to found Airbnb, a service that matches people seeking short-term accommodations with private hosts who have unused space to rent.
Monday, Solar Mosaic starts accepting investments. If you live in New York or California, or you are an “accredited investor” in other states, you can invest money; it will be used to put up solar panels on a grand scale, and the revenues will pay you a nice rate of interest. It’s a way, one of the first, to put lots of individuals’ money to work building the future we need.
Loudbasstard is a sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo sound amplifier designed for iPhones, the iTouch, and other smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3.  Loudbasstard is 100% sustainable, environmentally friendly and completely zero energy — simply slide in your gadget and listen to it pump up the volume!
Liquid, which was originally formed in 2011 as Spinlister, is a bicycle rental service that aims to make the process of renting out your bike as easy as renting out an extra room. Rather than renting a bike directly from the service, you rent from other users, who are paid to let you use their bikes.
Zipcar is testing out a pilot program it calls the “Access Plan” in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada, that requires no annual fee. It’s a weekday program available only Monday through Friday – excluding holidays – that allows members to drive some Zipcars and Zipvans (where available) at a lower cost.

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