The Green Wrap-up 8.March, 2013

This week in Jetson Green Energy News, studies show the benefits of green and sustainable building, assistance is being provided to Hurricane Sandy victims for energy-efficient solutions, Walgreens is building a net-zero store, a California city may require solar on new homes, the U.S. government wants your opinion about LEED, and a new feature to this column: upcoming green events.
Is it getting hot in here? Absolutely. Don’t let the recent snowfall fool you: 2012 was the hottest year on record for the U.S. and the future isn’t looking much cooler.
Two of the largest US makers of plug-in vehicle charging systems are embarking on a cooperative effort that certainly fits the stereotypical “peace and love” vibe sometimes associated with the green-car movement.
The sharing economy is more than swapping clothes or finding a cheap place to stay on vacation. While saving money and reducing waste are pleasant by-products of a sharing lifestyle, they’re not the end goal. The most exciting, promising, and truly revolutionary thing about moving from a “that’s mine” culture to a “this is ours” mentality is a refocusing of our attention on what’s really important: each other.
  • GreenJoyment(Ally): The sharing economy doesn’t exactly seem to fit in with the “rugged individualism” mentality that seems to have become an inherent part of American patriotism. But I, for one, believe that it would be a welcome paradigm shift.
Ron Finley has made his way to the pages of TreeHugger in the past for his amazing and inspiring work. Hear more about his story in his own words through the TED talk above. It’s amazing what he is accomplishing to bring access to fresh produce to folks who otherwise rely on convenience store junk.
People are talking a lot about cell phone unlocking in the news this week. Until recently, unlocking mostly flew under the radar—a common technique used by consumers who need to use their phones with more than one carrier. But late last year the Librarian of Congress banned the practice, catapulting cell phone unlocking into the national spotlight.
You can bet that GM already has a good idea of what consumers what in the next-generation Chevrolet Volt. That means rumors and hearsay are starting to trickle out, though sometimes a single sentence from one suit can send the automotive media into a feeding frenzy. So comes word that the Chevy Volt may offer less range in the future…or on the flipside, even more range.

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