The Green Wrap-up 9.March, 2013

Venezuela’s oil is too big for major energy companies to ignore and too risky to plunge into. Eventually, post-Chávez Venezuela will choose pragmatism over idealism.
his video might rank up there with Katrina & The Waves’ “Walking On Sunshine” when it comes to putting the viewer in a good mood.
When most grade school students embark on a construction project, it’s not usually on quite the scale of a fully-functional residence—but that’s exactly what 12-year-old Sicily Kolbeck has taken on. Her “Le Petite Maison” is a 128 square-foot tiny house that features a 30-foot loft and will be powered by a rooftop solar array.
You see headlines like this all the time. “Who Builds the Best Car for Dog-lovers?” “Who Builds the Most Kid-friendly Cars?” Etc. When it comes to a carmaker specifically catering to the needs of bikers and their bikes, however, Volvo seems to be the only carmaker that understands cyclists’ primary need: to avoid getting run over by a pack of 5000 lb. SUVs.
All too often today consumers find themselves inundated with products that claim to be “green,” but the problem is that this term is so broad now that most consumers aren’t aware of what or how the food they’re consuming is grown.
  • GreenJoyment(Ally): These are good tips and this article reminds me of a quote from food journalist Michael Pollan, “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”
…Anyway, infographics are a scourge. Nonetheless, every so often I come across one that’s genuinely informative and helpful. For example, take this one, from the info-ninjas at Information Is Beautiful…

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