The Miniwiz Re-Case Up Close and Personal

Hey Greenies, since Christmas is just a few days, let me tell you about the early little gift I got about a week ago.  The good folks at Miniwiz were nice enough to take the trouble of sending me one of their newest products:  the iPhone 4/4s Recase. If you don’t know what’s so special about it, let me give you the lowdown: It’s completely recycled: made from rice byproducts mixed with thermal plastics and it’s designed to reduce the strain and stress of holding a phone.

I was having problems trying to review the Recase because I didn’t have an iPhone, but as luck would have it, my friend lent me his for a couple of days and I played around with it. Here’s my experience with the Recase in the limited time I had with the phone. The Recase packaging is a simple, fully recyclabe corrugated cardboard which has the information about the product design, and instructions on how to safely use magnetic cards. Included with the case itself is an EM (Electro-Magnetic) shield sticker which covers the magnetic cards so it won’t mess up your phone when you use them on the scanners.

Now the case itself is light, but it doesn’t feel cheap and plastic-y. It’s sturdy and it feels well-built. I love the texture of the case itself, which adds to the “grippability” of the phone and I found myself running my fingernail over it, fun sensation! I have relatively large hands and using thin smartphones really cramp up my hands, but the bumps address that issue, allowing the phone to fit exactly in my palm.

Let’s talk about the color and other cosmetic features. I received the “white” case, which had a green tinge with green specks. It was nice and relaxing, I bet it would look nice with a white iPhone, but it clashed a bit with the standard monolithic black iPhone. I don’t like anything with excessive branding,  but the Recase doesn’t have that problem. It has a Miniwiz logo on the upper-right portion of the case which is barely noticeable. It also has a “100% Made from Trash” print and logo near the bottom, which is a bit more prominent, but it doesn’t really detract from the simple elegance of the design. I was quite happy with the overall look and feel of the Recase. I’d heartily recommend it to anyone who needs stylish protection for their pocket investment, while also doing good for the environment.

The main complaint I have with Miniwiz is: Why don’t they have more products? How about a case for other brands of phones? How about a Recase for Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones *cough* SII *cough*, and I’m sure those will sell well. Think about it, ‘kay? 🙂

I couldn’t take decent pictures of the case in action, I suck at photography, so the pictures on display here are from the Miniwiz site.

I didn’t have anything bad to say about the Recase. Why? It’s a wonderfully designed case. It’s quite possibly the first case I used that made me want to not let go of the phone. It’s also environmentally friendly, and who doesn’t love that?

Gone are the times when being green meant having to make patch-work DIY items (not that that’s a bad thing) and exclusivity to the hardcore environmentalists. Companies such as Miniwiz are making green choices more accessible to the mainstream population by providing products with great designs and manufactured using sustainable resources. Meet the wave of the future.

Want your own iPhone Recase? They’re available at the Store on the Miniwiz website.

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  1. Carrie Mui

    Hi there, I’m a eco-design supporter and I’m very interested to buy the Re-Case for my Galaxy S2 mobile as I think it’s such an awesome design!! But it seems like there’s only re-case for iPhone but not for other brands of smartphone. Can you please kindly confirm me if that’s the case. If there is please let me know where i can buy it in Hong Kong? Thanks a billion and keep up your good work in saving our planet!


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