Recycle Your Old Cell Phone

It is said that “consumers reportedly upgrade their phone on average every 18 months” (Office of Consumer Affairs, 2011) in Canada. The same is said for Australia and USA. That would mean that if a person first got a cell phone at the age of 16, by the time they turned 50 they would have gone through an estimated 23 cell phones. And that’s not even taking into consideration that in places such as Australia, “31% of mobile phone users have 2 or more old mobiles at home” (MobileMuster). One can only begin to estimate the number of cell phones the entire world goes through in a year. As a case in point, “Americans discard 125 million phones each year, creating 65,000 tons of waste” (EarthTalk, 2011). Right.

Interesting solar reports

I can’t embed these videos because for some reason Reuters would rather you watch them on YouTube…  I don’t understand that. In any case, here are a couple of videos about interesting solar concepts and technologies. (Talking about