The Green Wrap-up 5.February, 2013

Ann Arbor’s vegan food cart The Lunch Room to evolve into a brick-and-mortar Kerrytown restaurant Yesterday, the owners of Ann Arbor’s favorite vegan food cart, The Lunch Room, formally announced that they would be following in the footsteps of Eat, and making the transition from seasonal outdoor vendor to year-round brick and mortar. Following is … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 3.February, 2013

Gasoline to Hybrid to Electric Vehicles: Lessons in Cost-Effectiveness from Sir Issac Newton The consumer-driven rise of the hybrid vehicle — half gasoline, half electric — has spurred on more research into the fully electric vehicle, or EV. EVWorld offers a statistical projection of the cost-efficiency of EVs over the standard internal combustion engine and … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 2.February, 2013

Tesla now delivering 60-kWh Model S A Tesla Model S for hoi polloi? Not quite, but the luxury electric vehicle maker apparently has started deliveries of its “middle-ground” sedans fitted with 60-kWh batteries, Green Car Reports says, citing threads from the online Tesla Motors car club. Nissan Wants to Triple the Number of US Fast-charging … [Read more…]

Greener Every Day: Improvements to Household Products

Improvements are being made all the time to make nearly every part of our daily lives more environmentally friendly. Everything from the light bulb to the boiler feed pump has been made over to reduce its carbon footprint. Some of these daily household items that have been modified to be “greener” might surprise you:   Batteries Do … [Read more…]

Teaching Kids About Sustainability

It can be difficult to teach kids about sustainability and caring for the environment. But it’s a good idea to start instilling little ones with a sense of responsibility. After all, they’re the future stewards of the earth. Educate the next generation of earth advocates with some of these fun ideas and tools:   Animated … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 31.January, 2013

BPA out, BPS in: The Song Remains the Same That “BPA free” label on the bottle you just bought does not necessarily mean toxin-free. Lisa Jackson, the outgoing administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, put it rather bluntly: when it comes to protecting the public from toxic chemicals in consumer products, “we are failing to … [Read more…]