The Green Wrap-up 14.February, 2013

NYC Mayor Bloomberg ready for massive increase in EV parking lots New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg laid out a big goal for NYC during his 12th and final State of City address – add 10,000 public parking spots reserved for electric vehicles with 2,000 of them offering charging stations. Ethiopia to Develop its Geothermal … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 12.February, 2013

Prefab Fishers Island House Steps Up the Modern Modular to Luxury Vacation Living Recently published by Resolution: 4 Architecture, this time lapse video shows how builders stacked thirteen prefabricated boxes to create this stunning six bedroom, five bathroom home in Fisher’s Island, New York. President Obama addresses climate, energy, infrastructure in State of the Union … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 11.February, 2013

Strawberry Tree Flow: Solar Power Park Invites Passersby to Charge their Gadgets in Belgrade Strawberry Energy recently unveiled a new solar powered park in Belgrade that invites visitors to charge their mobile devices using the power of the sun. Designed by Tamara Švonja and Vojin Stojadinović, Strawberry Tree Flow was created with the help of … [Read more…]

Be My Eco-Valentine

While red and pink are traditional Valentine’s Day hues, we’re looking to turn the holiday green with a few romantic and environmentally-friendly ideas!   Put on Your Chef’s Hat: Cooking dinner for your sweetie isn’t only thoughtful – it can be downright environmental if you do it right. Preparing a meal allows you to shop … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 09.February, 2013

Nissan Leaf’s new Bose sound system cuts energy use in half The Nissan Leaf doesn’t exactly rank up there with Snoop Dogg’s ’64 Impala when it comes to thumping sound systems, but at least the Japanese automaker is bringing the all-electric’s stereo in line with the car’s energy efficient approach. BC’s Fracking Problem: Northern Gateway … [Read more…]

Greener, Globally: International Efforts Toward Renewable Energy

Stimulus funds, greater consumer commitment to environmentalism, rising oil prices, and dwindling supplies have made the exploration of alternative energy sources more attractive. As a result, the green economy has taken center stage. Countries like Brazil and China have surpassed the United States and Canada in their commitments to renewable energy sources, but the U.S. and … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 8.February, 2013

Some Automakers are Bouncing Back to Fuel Cells Out of Frustration, Is This Wise? History repeats itself: Frustration with the low volume of electric vehicle sales caused some automobile manufacturers to bet on fuel cell vehicles as they used to. Hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles have their benefits, such as the potential to achieve very long … [Read more…]

Electric Cars are Not Just For Kids: Green Goes Luxury

As the electric car industry begins to take shape, some fancy vehicles are emerging. And it’s getting interesting. Luxury EVs are important to the rise of green car technology, considering the price of a small, electric “economy” car can sit in the neighborhood of $40K. Even with tax credits, it’s hard to make a decision … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 6.February, 2013

UCS: Buying an efficient car takes a bite out of Big Oil Here’s an unsurprising fact: Big Oil is making huge profits. Here’s one that might catch your eye: car owners are spending nearly as much gassing up as they paid to buy their car. Super Bowl blackout makes the case for smart microgrids So … [Read more…]