3 Places to Buy Solar Cells Online

Someone recently emailed me to ask where they could buy thin film solar cells.

Does anyone know of a good place or how even to connect thin film to end-user applications? I know lots of commercial installers are now using thin film solar, but haven’t seen an end-user “solar cell” from thin film yet.

While I don’t know where you can go to buy individual solar cells made using thin film technology, I do know a couple of places that are great to go to get good prices on solar cells.

Not surprisingly, you have probably heard of 2 of 3 of these places.

The ultimate competitive marketplace, eBay gives you a good way to connect with reputable sellers of solar cells, with the feedback system in place to make sure you’re getting the product as advertised. Click the link to see what solar cells are available on eBay.

solar cells on ebay

While the perception may be that the selection is a bit limited, solar cells are easy to find and purchase through Amazon. If you’ve purchased through Amazon in the past, purchasing solar cells through them will be super simple. Click the link to check out solar cells you can buy through Amazon.

Solar Cells on Amazon

At one point, these guys were selling a bunch of solar cells at super cheap prices. Check them out and keep an eye on GoGreenSolar’s site for cheap deals on solar cells.

GoGreenSolar Solar Cells

Does anyone else have recommendations for good sources for solar cells, or know if there are snap-together thin film solar cells for home/industrial applications?

I know the challenge is the voltage matching the capacity of the batteries (or managing the connection to the grid to avoid electrocution) but it seems like this market really needs more end consumer-friendly products.

There was a time when computers seemed as complex as solar technology does today, and yet we’re all walking around with high-tech machines in our pockets now, while solar is still really difficult for consumers to take part in, even if they really have a sincere desire to do so.


  1. Your info on going to eBay or Amazon to find great prices on solar cells is “right on” I would be interested when you find where one can buy thin film solar cells. Keep us posted!

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