A Cool DIY Vertical Axis Wind Generator


Here’s what you need:

  • 5 pvc tube. size 3″X10′ (hardware store)$48
  • 3 bike wheels. size 12″ (junk yard or ask your kid to use their bikes for a minute) maybe $5
  • Ametek38 volt (ebay or surplus store) $60 (a problem with ametek, it needs 500 rpm to reach 14.1volt.
  • Or buy windblue alternator (ebay) $250 it will only need 200prm to reach 14.1 volt
  • 1 square foot 1″ plywood or anything 12″ diameter (laying around)
  • 3 X 2×4 X 12′ studs (from lumber store)$11

Check it out here


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