An All-Electric Helicopter

first helicopter flightIt would appear that we (as humans) are advancing well, despite what the news and TV would have you think.

People are inventing amazing things on a daily and weekly basis, battery technology is advancing, solar panels are improving, and people everywhere are rising to challenges that can be solved in years instead of decades or centuries.

And so, I’m excited to share this monumental achievement with you today.

Here’s the world’s first all-electric manned flight in a helicopter designed and built by it’s pilot Pascal Chretien.

A tail rotor, for example, drains somewhere between 8% and 10% of total hover power. So Chretien modeled and built a coaxial design with two counter-rotating rotors on top – a torque-balanced design that can fly without the need for a tail rotor to stop the aircraft rotating out of control – instead, it just needs a simple, lightweight tail fin.

In place of the typical cyclic control, which uses an ingenious variable blade tilting system to control which way the helicopter tilts and advances, Chretien chose an extremely simple weight-shifting system – a big set of handlebars (incorporating the collective control) that literally tilt the main weight of the aircraft underneath the rotors – as his steering assembly. But this increased Chretien’s risk factor by a significant margin – because it meant the controls would be reversed compared to a normal helicopter.

It takes great dedication and commitment to come up with something new and see it through.

Here’s how to fly a basic helicopter:

What new thing are you committed to doing today that will benefit the planet, make your family more secure, or help you save money?

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