Australians? Helpful Solar Contacts Or Information About Solar In Australia?

Hello to anyone from Australia, or anyone who knows about solar in Australia, and is reading this post.

We’ve had a request come in from Peter in Queensland, looking for help and information regarding solar in Australia.

I found a couple of links, but nothing truly fantastic.  here’s what I found:

Anyone who can help and knows of helpful solar information and sites specifically for Australia, we’d love for you to comment on this post so that all members of the GreenJoyment community (and the world at large) can have a good repository of information in one place.

Hello Jonathan,

I enjoyed reading your “The Three Challenges of Solar Energy” pdf. I live in sunny Queensland, Australia, and wonder if you are aware of any contacts or websites in Australia which may have info on diy home solar pv systems?

The government is subsidising companies to install systems, but it it hard to compare systems without basic info on the effect of temperature on pv efficiencies, expected kwh out put at different latitudes (28 degrees south), etc.

I would appreciate info on any contacts here.

Thanks and regards, Peter

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