Battery Storage Technologies: A National Security Threat?

I’ve been having a conversation with a member of the GreenJoyment Community about battery storage technologies.

He insists that there are long-life batteries for cell phones and other electronic devices which will last 10 years, which could be commercially available if not considered a national security threat due to their ability to disrupt the global supply chain and consumerism cycle.

I’ve posted his latest message below. What do you think? Does what he says make sense to you?

Batteries are an interesting business.
There are some excellent technologies but they will not be released to the public. They are too good […] will last 10 years of continuous power without charging.

That would hurt a lot of businesses because people often change their phone when a battery goes, instead of getting a new battery. It gives them a good excuse.

There are a lot of other factors why long life power cells are kept out of the market. The world does not work as one would expect unfortunately.

So you can search the web, you will find several companies that say they a developing these types of batteries, specifically look for Tritium in your search. That is the isotope that the long life cells work with. It’s totally harmless but because of what it can be used for the government uses false propaganda to make it look dangerous.

A scientist in Toronto named Nasir kherani did independent testing for someone else’s company, and later started his own company claiming to have discovered his own design, so you can look for him. I forget the name of his company, it could be Nucell.

Anyway, do not believe anything they publish about being ready to produce it and stuff like that, it will never be released.

What you will find are minute improvements like an extra hour of life or so every six months so they can sell the new devices.

Again, this individual (who requests not to be mentioned by name) says the reason that these technologies will not be coming to a commercial market any time soon is because they are seen as a threat to America and the west’s consumerism cycle of replacing their cell phones and other electronic devices (readers, laptops, ipads, PDAs) because their batteries no longer charge.

He says this would put many businesses out of business.

I’m not much for large conspiracy theories, but what he says does make some sense.

What do you think GreenJoyment Community? Are long-life batteries a national security threat?

Will improving efficiencies in batteries disrupt the economy of America and the western consumerism world?

Are new battery technologies intentionally being kept from the public?


  1. Hi all, i dont think the long life battery technology will damage the economy of the likes of the cell phone or the ipad market thats a load of rubbish. We have to think of the co oporation greed as usual, we have to think about the waste of perfectly good cell phones that is thrown away because of the battery is dead is not good enough. The technology has to move forward for a longer lasting battery. The waste of your hard earned cash going down the toilet for a renewed cell phone, i just dont get it. The implications of recycling the old batteries and appliences is not that simple. I live in the uk and i go to the local dump and when im there im astonished at the amount of batteries and appliances that are thrown away and not recycled. The united states is a much larger country and a much bigger economy and more people and more waste and more batteries that are can not be recycled. Its a huge problem. The electric car didnt take off in america did it, GM killed it off. It doent work in the uk, its a joke. Its no brainer long life battery technology has to move on.For a cleaner world and a more cost effective world.

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