Free Giveaway: 100% No-Virgin (Free T-Shirts!)


According to, our winners are:

– Jeffrey Baldessari
– Charles
– Omer
– Ian Oh
– Lisa Carey

Thanks to all who entered! We’ll be in touch with the winners to get your addresses so we can send your shirts!

Are you using a virgin (something) in your life?

That is a question you might want to ask yourself. Using non-virgins is something all of us can do a better job of.

What are we talking about?

Virgin *materials* of course! (What were you thinking?)

Many products today use virgin (i.e. First-time use) materials in the construction of their products.

When it comes to physical materials used in products, and used to ship products, being virgin is not good.

Virgin materials must come from physical extraction of the earth’s resources.

But there are abundant resources all around us, all the time, in the form of other materials which have been used or used up.

Non-virgin materials are used any time you buy something that has been re-made or re-packaged from something else.

Many companies have realized that non-virgin materials are more environmentally friendly (and in many cases cost less), and have decided to use recycled packaging or post-consumer waste to package their products.

Some companies, like Miniwiz, actually make products with recycled materials, like iPhone cases.

To be clear, we admire and respect those who choose to save their human virginity for one partner. (So chill out, mkay?)

In honor of the companies and people who are using non-virgin materials to make and package products, today we are announcing The No Virgins T-Shirt Giveaway!

Miniwiz has been great to give us 5 T-Shirts to share with the GreenJoyment community. If you win, one of these shirts will be sent directly to your door!

These T-Shirts are:

  • 100% Trashy
  • 100% Stylish

They offer:

  • 100% Better Performance
  • 0% Virginity

To enter to win, there are two steps.

Step 1:

Like this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

After you click like below, the second step will be revealed to you.

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  1. germ

    it contains 1,000,000 gal. of water, i use any over flow to water plants around the pool. I dont dump down city drains or sewer

  2. Capelli Maurane

    I am using recycled energy in my house. I have solar panels on my roof, which creates energy without buying some new to energy companies.

    • Going Green

      My dad has a lot of wood lying around as well… it’s amazing what he’s hung on to, but it comes in handy when he needs it. What kind of projects do you work on?

      • Roy Culliford

        hi. I do fretwork(scrollwork) and have 15 ducks so have built their coops and fencing to keep the dogs in so quite varied.

    • Going Green

      Well, you’ve commented, so you stand as good a chance as anyone. Thanks for joining us here at GreenJoyment and welcome to the community!

  3. I have a cabin that is totally off the grid and we love it. We live there nearly 6 months of the year and feel so very connected to the earth. We also use rain water to water our horses. Shopping at recycle shops for much of our clothing makes total sense and we find the coolest stuff.

  4. Michelle francis

    By using freecycle to give things away and to get things others don’t want anymore. It keeps things away from rubbish sites.

      • Bruce Cone

        Got the cells, tabs, and encapsulent from eBay, frame amd plexiglass locally as well as hardware and wiring. I think I got a pretty good deal since I did a lot of research.

      • debbie johnson

        never thought about taking a pic of them. been doing this since i was 15 and i’m now 54. i know next year i’ll be doing more because i’ve gotten to big for my clothes.

        • Going Green

          Would love to see what they look like. If you’re willing to share pictures, you could send them to us at green [at] greenjoyment [dot] com

          • debbie johnson

            like i said, i know i’ll be doing some after the holidays. i have one blanket here that i haven’t given to my kids that when i locate it i’ll send a pic of it.

  5. Trish Frank

    I am using recycled newspaper to wrap my Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews this year. And since I got them all a pillow and blanket that’s saving a lot of gift wrap!

    • Going Green

      Hey Trish! Any concerns about the newsprint getting on the pillows? I used to love getting presents wrapped in comics though, because I got a double present in being able to read and laugh at the wrapping!

    • Going Green

      Is there anywhere you would recommend people to go if they want to learn how to set up their own rain water collection system or grey water system?

  6. love recycling water bottles (glass only). I love recycled clothes anywhere i can find them at a good price and no carbon footprint. i always use recycled textiles by shopping the local goodwill stores . great clothes at a fraction of the cost and low low footprint.

  7. Omer

    I am the Ultimate Recycler! I own a wrecking yard, we salvage lots of parts so new ones don’t have to be made, and we recycle all of the rest- Including non- automotive items, garbage, etc. Too expensive to landfill valuable, reusable materials!

    • Going Green

      Have you had any issues with theft of materials? I’ve been reading that’s been an issue for the metal recycling business at the moment. How big is your wrecking yard?

      • Omer

        Our yard is 13 acres, not huge, but big enough. Theft is a constant problem, we had to install cameras, and lots of locks. Doesn’t stop them, but does slow them down!

  8. Becky Semmler

    I collect wrappers and bags for the terra cycle project, I recycle everything that comes into the house, we do not have garbage service. We also collect items for the local school art projects to help them with their supplies/budget. We feed our many farm animals the kitchen scraps/leftovers or compost it in the garden. We save the kids clothes in bins in the shed to recycle to the next child or neighbor that is in need and what is too worn out is cut for quilts or shredded for craft paper and other projects. We try to use and reuse everything we can think of.

    • Going Green

      Hey Becky! Would you be interested in (and have time for) writing an article for GreenJoyment (maybe with a few pictures) about all you’re doing? Sounds like we could all learn a lot from what you’re doing!

      • Time is the one thing I would like more of. I don’t get back to the ‘net as regularly as I should. I have thought of writing informational articles to help others learn what they can do. I have a digital camera and should learn more about how to use it. I would be interested in doing what I can to help others learn how to make the world a better place without all the waste. That idea doesn’t have to mean settling for junk, or having less, if you want more.

  9. Charles

    I bought myself a 2500lt plastic tank [recycled material of course], now i can collect rain water and use it during the summer for my garden!

  10. Navin Saini

    i recycle many stuff in day to day use. like using old t shirts for cleaning rags and mopping purpose. using old furniture to redesign new furniture out of it. using old building material for renovation. using kitchen waste as manure for plants.

  11. Mohd Yussof Awang

    I kept newspaper in my store and also other plastic products
    and sold when they came to collect sometime I just give away for free

  12. daniel hobrecht

    we recycle all materials that the city accepts and will stop a pick-up plastic bottles ect to add to our drop off

  13. Marcia George

    I recycle all vegetable and fruit peels back into the garden as compost to feed the plants, which eliminates the need for chemical fertilisers and encourages the earthworm community.

      • Marcia George

        I grow tomatoes at the moment, herbs and many fruit trees, including macqi berry, kiwifruit, lemons, limes, fig, mulberry, banana, mango. I use lawn clippings as well. When they’re dried out, I use them as mulch around the fruit trees to stop the water being dried out by the sun. So saves water as well as adding valuable nutrients to the soil.

          • Marcia George

            Yes, I probably could grow feijoas, I’m not much into them so I haven’t put one in. I live in Sydney, Australia. We can grow some tropical plants here like bananas, pineapples and mangos, as well as some that need cold winters such as apples, peaches, nectarines, cherry etc as there are nowadays low chill varieties available. Citrus varieties are the naturals for our area, they thrive, as do persimmons.

  14. Tim

    We are building a club house for BUACA ( Bikers United Against Child Abuse) at the moment and so far we have used all recycled products except cement in the footing as we could not get a satisfactory equivalent.

    • Going Green

      Hey Tim! Great great project! I’ve heard of people filling concrete with bits of metal, old keys, old rusty bolts, that sort of thing. The concrete still can be poured smoothly, but you use less concrete in the process. Again, great project! Do you have any pictures of the club house?

    • Going Green

      We do that too. It’s a great idea since Ziplocs are quite durable. Why do people throw them out after just one use?

  15. john

    i recycle alunimun cans,scrap wood for woodworking projects.recycle saw dust for garden compost,remainingscrap wood for fireplace.

  16. Ian Oh

    I’m hoping I was entered into the contest, since the commenting facebook box disappeared right as is came. Anyways, this looks like an awesome shirt to spread recycling, and it will definitely make my friends “green with envy.”

  17. mitchell

    well one thing that I’m using that has been trash at one point in time is my phone case! I entered the re-case contest and won! I have to say this is one of the coolest cases around. All my friends are in awe so to speak. I also have solar panels( and quite a bit of em) on my roof here in Texas. My family collects rain water for our garden(which produces crazy sized squashes) in the summer with many recycled water bottles and cans. i even started to grow a single sunflower out one of those disani green bottles (the ones already recycled)! Anyways id love to add green to my wardrobe!

    • Going Green

      Hey Mitchell! Glad to hear you’re enjoying your Re-Case! Are your solar panels grid-tied and/or do you also have your own on-site battery backup?

  18. Jennifer

    The one way I recycle is by using plastic grocery store bags melting them to make a thicker recycled tote. Recycle, Reuse…and Reuse..and Reuse! LOL

  19. Don Messervey

    We have taught our children aged 4 and 5 to recycle they know how to separate plastics and paper, they even look for the recycling emblem on products and recognize when something is a recycled product.
    I also recycle compost in a compost bin for my egetable garden.

    • Going Green

      Don, that is truly awesome to help educate the next generation at such a young age. What all do you grow in your vegetable garden?

  20. I’m working with my daughter’s school on a recycling program. They have SO much stuff that can be recycled and we hope to find great programs that will also help the school raise much needed funds. Terracycle here we come!

    • Going Green

      Hey Lisa! That’s great! It would be great to have the school be able to earn some money from everything they can collectively recycle!

  21. hantie

    I recycle all my cans and use it for my scrapbooking, all the scraps of food go for my garden, all the plastic bags i reuse when i do my shopping.

  22. mitcchell

    our solar panels are grid tied, but some feed into a on site battery that we use as well. the house is very wide so there is a lot of room for a lot of panels

  23. I reuse my Mother’s ice cream sticks to mark my plant varieties in my victory garden until they become again part of the soil. I find new uses for discarded items even if I do not know what their original purpose was..

  24. Hey everyone, thanks for all the comments. It’s amazing to see everyone’s dedication. Big or small, every little bit counts.

    Here at MINIWIZ we’ve been busy developing all kinds of 100% trash-made products. Imagine the possibilities! Toys, car parts, furniture, all made from trash, reusing existing resources instead of extracting more from our planet.

    The No Virgins t-shirts are made out of 100% recycled PET, plastic used in beverage bottles. They’re very breathable and are exceptional conversation-starters! Good luck to all and don’t forget to come say hi to the Miniwiz crew on facebook or Twitter 🙂

  25. Amy

    About 3 years ago I started my ‘green movement’ When I moved into this funky old building I decided to not buy new furniture ever again. My whole apartment has been slowly transformed with antiques, used, and previously loved items. From my living room, bedroom to kitchen dishes. I love it all. I haven’t had to buy any of it as my friends and family seem to bless my with very trendy finds to fit my style. When I need some shelves I usually find scrap wood in back alley ways and rebuild them. I also take my old cloths and sew them up into new shirts! I love upcycling! 🙂

  26. Ian Oh

    Ooh, forgot to say how I go green. I am currently part of a eco-friendly club at my school, and we have set up exercise bikes attached to energy generators to power laptop carts and such. The bikes generate a good amount of energy, and students get exercise too! I helped promote this idea to reality.

      • Ian Oh

        I don’t have any pictures of this unfortunately, since the school is very strict about photography, but it is a very simple setup. There is a bicycle with the back wheel mounted on smaller wheels, one of which spins. This spinning wheel is attached to a rubber pulley, which spins a dynamo. The dynamo charges a battery, and the battery charges the computers.

  27. Jeffrey Baldessari

    We use saw dust orprocessed used newspaper for our cats litter boxes! Also akes for great mulch in the garden come tilling time!

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