Free Guide to Disaster Preparedness (Teachers and Parents)

Download Disaster Preparedness Guide - Get your disaster plan in placeToday on Scribd, I found a guide called
Ready, Set, Prepare.  A Disaster Preparedness Activity Book.

This book is geared toward teachers and parents, but is good for everyone.

It is a great basics guide in a fun format.

It’s designed to help kids remain as calm as possible about events in the world, while helping them be aware of what steps they can take.

Having a plan prepared in case of a disaster can give you great piece of mind.

A disaster recovery plan also gives you and children hope about the future (instead of freaking out about the negative news they are relentlessly being bombarded with).

While you have their attention from all the news and headlines, why not give them something constructive?

This guide also gives kids tools to understand patterns of weather and the environment.

It gives kids (and adults) ways to not only cope, but thrive, in times of difficulty.

You can look at it online HERE, or you can download it in PDF below.


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