How to Preserve Tomato Seeds

If you save the seeds from one harvest, you can grow the plants again next year.  If you get high quality seeds and plants to begin with, you can literally create your own unlimited food supply.

Remember this when harvesting from your garden, and create good seeds by creating good fruit (with good fertilizer, soil, and good water).

You’re about to learn how to preserve tomato seeds, one of the most versatile foods on the planet.

The video itself is pretty darn boring (at least I think so), but it’s good to learn in just two minutes how to preserve tomato seeds.

I was most surprised that you actually want the moldy scum to form. Good to know!

Two more quick videos on the same subject of saving tomato seeds:

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    • Going Green

      You are very welcome Salvador. I am glad it was helpful for you! Are you planning to preserve tomato seeds this year for next year? Would love to see some pictures… 🙂

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